Our Fees:


5 days per week

Dhs. 12,595.00 per term

3 days per week

Dhs. 8,020.00 per term

2 days per week

Dhs. 5,350.00 per term


Registration fee

Dhs. 500.00 (non-refundable if a place is offered)


Annual medical fee

Dhs. 250.00



Dhs. 1000.00 (this deposit keeps your child’s place from term-to-term or year-to-year. It is deducted from the summer term fees only, in your child’s last year of nursery).

Extra day

Dhs. 220.00 per day.
Early and Late Class fees
Early Class (7.30am-8am): 5 days per term: Dhs. 1,950.00 (or daily basis: Dhs. 40.00).
Late Class (12.30pm-2pm): 5 days per term: Dhs. 3,250.00 (or daily basis: Dhs. 70.00).

Waiting list fee

Dhs. 200.00 (non-refundable, but deductible from registration)


T-shirt: Dhs. 40.00 | Shorts/Shorts: Dhs. 60.00