Little Land Nursery has been shortlisted as a finalist for one of the top 5 Best Nursery Schools in the UAE by Schools Compared. The Top School Awards is an initiative that aims at bringing recognition to the most valuable education institutions in the country which leave a lasting, positive impact both on the students and their parents. The short list of nominated schools for these awards brings together the most exquisite institutions which are set on offering the best education to all of the students who attend them, ensuring a bright future full of opportunities.

“We want to make sure that your child is ready for his or her next school.” – Siog Moore

Little Land is a nursery located in Dubai where the passion for education comes together with the love for next generations and professionalism. Here you can find the most qualified and inspired teachers, focused on preparing the little children for their next steps in life. The main goal of this Montessori centre is to grow strong individuals, with a true sense of belonging, who can pass any future challenges in a creative and courageous manner.

Teachers at Little Land NurseryWhat makes Little Land Nursery one of the best institutions in Dubai is not only the dedication and professionalism of the educators but also the respect this institution shows for well-prepared teachers. The team is formed of highly educated staff from all over the world with a minimum of the Early Years Cache Level 3 or Montessori teaching qualifications.

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Another particularity that puts Little Land Nursery above the regular schools in the UAE is its interest in opening the children to new cultures from early ages. They include in their curriculum a wide range of classes including Art, Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics, and Culture. These subjects ensure that all students get in touch with as many fields as possible so they can easily set their preferences from a young age.

Little Land Nursery also has an open doors policy which offers not only the possibility to check the quality of their services before deciding whether to enroll your children or not, but also shows transparency and professionalism.

To learn more about Little Land Nursery or book a tour to the school, simply complete their Contact Form – they’ll get back in touch with you within the next working day.