Little Land Nursery Celebrates 25 Years in Dubai

Proudly enriching the lives of children within Dubai for a quarter of a century, 4th May 2019 marked Little Land Nursery’s 25-year anniversary. The Montessori curriculum nursery has created a positive and nurturing environment that has provided the stable foundation from which children could safely explore their world. Our child-led teaching strategies have inspired hundreds of children within their early years of education, paving the way for future learning and instilling a keen interest in their physical environment.

Our dedication to caring for young children was recently rewarded with a nomination for Best Nursery School in the UAE by Schools Compared, in which Little Land Nursery came out a finalist. We believe it is our child-centred approach that has awarded us our successes; with a strong focus on the natural curiosity of the child and their eagerness to both discover and understand the world around them, the child is able to propel their own learning towards what truly interests them. This unique Montessori method allows children to fully engage with their education and environment; it has long been considered one of the best approaches to develop independent individuals with strong, resilient personalities who are better prepared socially and academically than their peers.

This May, we at Little Land Nursery invited parents, teachers past and present, and our ever-important alumni to celebrate with us as we turned 25. Siog Moore spoke of the incredible results the nursery had obtained for these children by using positive psychology to aid their development. The young students then began their day with yoga to awaken their minds while parents enjoyed a guided tour, focused on helping them better understand the ways in which their children were learning.

Parents were also present for some Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) classes such as English and Arabic Storytelling, Green Spaghetti Grass and Farm Animals, Scented Playdough with Glitter and Sand or Shaving Foam and Trucks; classes designed to appeal to their senses to better aid their learning. Little Land Nursery was keen to get the parents involved so they too could help to bring out the best in their children and form a vital part of their education. They were introduced to the EYFS curriculum and invited to take part in several Montessori demonstrations and activities with their children, helping them understand the importance of the methods used and the ways in which they benefit the child.

Little Land Nursery celebrated the past and looked forward to an even brighter future, helping even more young students flourish from their initial learning experiences within the nurturing and engaging, technology-free environment of the Montessori system.

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”We were blessed to have alumina parents who used to have their children attend Little Land. These “children” are far from it now, since they are over 20 years old!”



Little Land Nursery opened its arms to children within the Emirate in 1994 by our founder Siog Moore, who created a safe, trusting environment in which children could learn through play. Moore is a qualified nurse from Ireland who initially came to Dubai to work in Neo-Native Intensive Care but decided she could do more for her community after having her own children. The Little Land Nursery was born from this desire and as a result of Moore’s hard work and dedication, the nursery has enjoyed outstanding results and visible progress from their little students.

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