As September and a promise of a new nursery term approaches, we understand that selecting the right nursery now during these challenging times is more important than ever.


Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Little Land Nursery as your only option this 2020:

  1. We provide bespoke Montessori teaching during the various learning development stages of each individual child at Little Land that goes above and beyond the EYFS curriculum;
  2. Our teachers from various classes know about different children from different classes which allows for a smooth transitioning to the next level / class and makes us stand as a united Little Land family;
  3. We manage our children, parents, teachers and staff family style and instill a strong sense of belonging to our Little Land tribe;
  4. Our teaching goes beyond the prescribed hours and we enter into a caring “partnerships” with our Little Land parents where the education of each child is continues right down in the family home and woven into every day life; and
  5. Life has its ups and downs and we offer timely prevention, intervention and tactical support during development hurdles which are absolutely normal. We draw on expert advise from sleep training, eating habits and / or disorders, emotional well-being both amongst siblings as well as for the parents. Our “Open Little Land Red Door” philosophy has been cherished by all community members and we pride ourselves that no challenge is too big.


Here’s why our Little Land parents love the nursery:

Keep your child engaged and happy at home

Receive free fun activities and learning material for your toddler.


A statement from Siog, co founder & principal:

I’ve always believed – and now, more than ever – that learning begins with love. I feel privileged that my mission is to help children understand that they are worthy of love. Not only because every child deserves it, but because it is the very foundation on which their dreams are built. How big or small those dreams are does not matter. What does matter, though, is their sense of self worth, which translates to confidence and meaningful success in life. Using the Montessori method, or any other, is only effective when the application is scientific, yes, but more importantly teacher-directed yet child-centric and child-led. Every teacher and staff member at Little Land is here because we share the same thinking and values. And the same love for children.


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