It’s time to call Little Land a home away from home!

CONGRATULATIONS for instinctively deciding to join the Little Land family and for choosing a home away from home for your children. Whether you are a returning family or new to the fold you are deeply welcomed.

After twenty-six years we know you have many questions, concerns, hopes and dreams for you, your child and family and we are here to guide and support you.

We welcome any questions that may be buzzing around in your head so feel free …no question is too trivial to ask!

Let’s start by considering you and your child’s needs at this time. These are both physical and psychological and being aware will help you to understand better what you and your child are experiencing.

Keep your child engaged and happy at home

Receive free fun activities and learning material for your toddler.

CONNECTION – we all need to feel connected and understanding this is key to a positive transition for all of you. Your child is connecting with new adults and a new peer group while still being attached to those who are familiar to them. Observe how your child self-soothes, it may be snuggling a particular item of clothing, a pillowcase, a soft toy. It helps if they have that item, that is familiar to them, with them, especially in the beginning.

You can include a picture of your family in their lunchbox or ask their teacher if there is a spot in their room, perhaps their cubby, where your family picture can be placed so that your child can look at you in the course of their morning.

Young children love to open their lunchbox and find a note from home. This can be as simple as a heart shape symbolising love or a short message that their teacher can read to them.

It is a great idea is to wash any new clothing items before the first day so that they smell like home. A more practical piece of advice is to label every item with your child’s name. Use a permanent marker to write your child’s name on clothing items, cutlery, dishes, bottles, inside shoes. Believe me you can’t overdo it on this one! We can also connect you with some companies that provide labels for you to attach to your child’s belongings.

It is important as well to check what your child brings home just in case you have an item that belongs to someone else…there is no point in writing names on everything if we don’t check and return items to their rightful owner. Check the lost and found items or post on our social media platforms if you are trying to track down an item.

Think of it this way, a possession is a precious connection item.  This helps us understand the importance of getting things back into the hands of their owner.

That is lots to get started with and we will be back with more helpful tips.