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Nannies vs Qualified and Trained Staff

by Littlelandnursery on April 28, 2020
Siog and Other Trained Staff with Toddlers at Little Land Nursery
Why is Little Land Nursery nanny-free and how can it benefit your child? Although there may be nannies out there who are naturally good at their jobs, there are more advantages to having well-educated staff members around your child. Being...
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The Importance of Limiting your Toddler’s Time at Nursery

by Littlelandnursery on April 19, 2020
Guided Montessori Activity at Little Land - Gardening
Although it may seem like a child’s nursery schedule should revolve around the parent’s schedule, it should actually be the other way around; nursery is not just somewhere safe to leave your child whilst you work a 9-5 day. Little...
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Tips to keep your child safe during a choking incident

by Littlelandnursery on February 18, 2020
Whether it be toys or food, children can't seem to stay away from them. Hence, preventing incidents hazardous to their safety can be extremely challenging. Here are some tips that can help keep your children safe at home and school alike. This approach to learning is what helps make Montessori education one that creates a special bond between parent and child. Learn more about these tips...
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