Little Raindrops


Staff: 1 Teacher, 2 Assistant
Age Group : 2 Years+
Sessions : 8:00AM – 12:30PM
Hello I’m Sylvia Gould and I’m the Lead Teacher in Little Raindrops. I’ve been working at Little Land since the mid 90’s and I have three wonderful grown up boys of my own. I trained as a teacher in 2010, having been a Teacher Assistant for fifteen years! I feel I’ve become part of the furniture (antique obviously!) and having one of my students working with me twenty years later is amazing. My greatest pleasure is seeing the little ones having fun and hearing their laughter. What better job could I ask for?!Hi I’m Kay Lancaster and I am on my second tour at Little Land as a Teaching Assistant! I have been in Dubai since 2008, and first started working at Little Land then too. My background in the UK is in nursing which I thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful little people at the nursery, helping them learn
new things and seeing them smile when its singing time – so my singing voice can’t be that bad! I have two grown up children and one beautiful granddaughter who also live in Dubai.Hello my name is Catherine Walsh and I am a Teaching Assistant in Little Raindrops. I came to Dubai in 2009 from Ireland with my husband and our 2 children. I started off as a Little Land mummy in 2014 when my older daughter joined Twinkle Toes. I decided to take the step into Nursery Teaching when I saw how much my daughter enjoyed the learning environment. This was a big change from my previous career as a Cartographer. I have now completed CACHE Level 2 and am in the process of doing CACHE Level 3 which will enable me to teach the Early Years Foundation Stage (British Curriculum). I enjoy working with children and believe they can teach us as much as we teach them.

7.45 – 8.00 Classroom preparation
8.00 – 9.15 Children arrive, greetings, self-registration
Free structured play
Choice of supervised art and craft activity
9.15 – 9.30 Tidy-up time
Bathroom routine
9.30 – 9.50 Registration and circle time
Drink and biscuit
9.50 – 10.30 Outside play/Water-play/sand play
10.30 – 10.45 Drink of water
Story time
10.45 – 11.15 Wash hands
Snack time
11.15 – 11.50 Tidy–up snack
Bathroom routine
Free book time
11.50 – 12.10 Outside play in garden or patio
12.10 – 12.30 Children put on shoes
Singing time/music and movement/story time
Parents arrive
12.30 – 1.00 Staff preparation/meetings
  • * Brain gym & Arabic scheduled once a week, into the timetable
  • * Water-play, terms 1 & 3
  • * These times may change slightly on a day-to-day basis to accommodate the needs of the children
  • * During the summer months, outside playtime is shortened