Twinkle Toes


Staff: 1 Teacher, 1 Assistant
Age Group : 2 Years+
Sessions : 8:00AM – 12:30PM
Hello I’m Caroline King and I’m the Lead Teacher in Twinkle Toes. I am from the UK and have been living in Dubai since the 90’s. I have three lovely daughters who are all now settled in the UK. I gained the NNEB qualification 30 years ago and ever since have spent my life caring for and nurturing young children. I joined the Little Land team in the mid 90’s and my youngest child started nursery, which sparked a new beginning in my life. In just the same way, Little Land continues to welcome new families into the next chapter of their lives. I love to see every new step and experience being made, and to fill both the children and their families with happiness, security and above all fun – singing, dancing and sharing stories together is what I love most!Hi I’m Mara Albuquerque and I’m a Teacher Assistant in Twinkle Toes. I’m from Brazil and have been living in Dubai since 2008 with my husband and 2 wonderful children.
I finished my formal teacher training in 1989 and got my psychology degree in 1994.
For the past 28 years I’ve been working with children in an educational environment giving the best of me to help them to achieve their full potential. I joined Little Land in 2010 and couldn’t wish for a better place to be!

Hi I’m Noureen Shahed and I’m a Teacher Assistant in Twinkle Toes. I have a Masters in International Business from Woolongong University in Australia and my passion for kids and teaching persuaded me to start my Montessori diploma in London. Little Land gave my eldest son the base he needed and so I decided to start my Montessori career from the same institute.