Message from the Principal - Siog Moore

I've always believed – and now, more than ever – that learning begins with love.

I feel privileged that my mission is to help children understand that they are worthy of love. Not only because every child deserves it, but because it is the very foundation on which their dreams are built.

How big or small those dreams are does not matter. What does matter, though, is their sense of self worth, which translates to confidence and meaningful success in life. Using the Montessori method, or any other, is only effective when the application is scientific, yes, but more importantly teacher-directed yet child-centric and child-led.

Every teacher and staff member at Little Land is here because we share the same thinking and values. And the same love for children.

Developing every aspect of our students for 25 years
Excelling in the field of Early Childhood Education, Little Land Nursery & Montessori Centre was founded by Siog Moore. A British nursery in Dubai with child centered creatively inclined and stimulating learning environments for toddlers and preschoolers alike.

Keep your child engaged and happy at home

Receive free fun activities and learning material for your toddler.
Build skills and foster individuality at every stage
An integrated approach for your child’s learning
Advancing cognitive abilities with the incorporation of French, Arabic and Spanish
Learning methods that demonstrate optimal development
A strong community that embraces socio-emotional development
State-of the art facilities ensure meaningful playtime
Moulding Young Minds the Montessori Way
Focuses on
key developmental stages
cooperative play
Learning method
inspires creativity
Classroom environment
encourages independence
Experienced qualified teachers
facilitate the learning experience
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Here's what our parents have to say
"Ironically it all started as a work initiative since I was fundraising and advising in the education space. The Little Land nursery was one of 40 nurseries I inspected and eventually, I send our first son Jacob to Little Land which turned out to be the best decision ever! It’s truly run from the heart by Siog and her amazing staff members. Noah will be joining in September and Baby No.3 is on the wait list ;)"
- Asita Krause
"Hands down, Little Land nursery is one of the best nurseries in Dubai. I love the outdoor area where children have a lot of space to play in. On entry to Little Land, you feel welcomed into a "family" since the owner Siog and her team are very extremely knowledgeable and personable. She knows every child by name and is always on site. The teachers are extremely dedicated and my son has developed extremely well since his time at Little Lands. Well worth the extra drive."
- Laura Pardoe
I was delighted to discover Little Land Nursery, which offers learnings based on the Montessori educational approach. As a parent, I am so happy to see the progress in her development, but of course most importantly to see that she is happy and thriving in a safe supportive environment. The facilities are fantastic, the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. I cannot recommend Little Land Nursery highly enough.
- Jessica
Little Land is definitely the best nursery in town! A home feel nursery with the most caring and professional teachers and owner! My son is there and the teachers are just amazing!! They treat your kids as if they were theirs. I just fell in love with it when I visited it for the first time and thank God every day for having found such a great second home for my son!
- Kenza
Learning through inspiration and imagination

I would like to meet the owner / teachers for an online conference call on zoom
I would like to be on the waiting list for September admissions
Siog Moore
Founder and Child L&D Expert
"I believe that every child has the ability to take life on with courage & creativity when given the right guidance in the early years. Connection with compassion is the basis of every interaction at Little Land."