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My name is Síog Moore. I’m from Ireland and I’m an RGN Neonatal Specialist and the Founding Partner of Little Land Nursery (1994).  

I hope to answer all your questions, but should you have any more, please feel free to ask and I will be delighted to provide further information. 

My Story

I arrived in Dubai in 1988, a young bride, newly qualified as a nurse from St. Vincent‘s Hospital in Dublin. I soon found a job in the state-of-the-art Neonatal ICU in Latifa Women’s and Children’s hospital. 


Fast forward a few years to 1994, and I had the first two (of my four) children who were ready to go to nursery. Although the Dubai culture of having home-help made family life very comfortable, I found it impossible to achieve the right balance between being a mum and being a nurse.


What made finding that balance especially hard was that I could not find a nursery that satisfied my ideals for what would make a great pre-school experience for my children. So, along with my close friend, who was a teacher, we decided to open our own nursery, and the idea for Little Land Nursery was born.


Early on, we established a set of guiding values that have stood the test of time. Little Land Nursery has always been committed to employing qualified Montessori or Early Years teachers, educated assistants and has a focus on child development and preschool education.  We vowed not to become a 'babysitting' facility and (very importantly) to avoid screen time. We remain committed to providing quality engagement with the children with a focus on Early Years Education.

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