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Rebecca Clifton

Lead Montessori Directress

Hello! I’m Rebecca Clifton and I am the Lead Montessori Teacher in Sunflowers Class. This is my fifth year of teaching at Little Land. I am British and lived in Abu Dhabi for nine years before moving to Dubai in 2017. I have three children, the youngest was born in the UAE and all three are now just about taller than me! Originally my career background was in Investment Management. However, after my first son was born, I studied at the Montessori Centre International in London and began my Montessori teaching career. I love the blend of cultures at Little Land and I truly believe that the Montessori fundamentals like uninterrupted time as well as concrete and experiential learning give the children a sense of passion, proficiency and purpose in the classroom. Helping the next generation get off to a good start is my greatest intention!

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Ramya Nathan

Teaching Assistant


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Urooj Patankar

Lead Teacher


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Luana Oliva

Teaching Assistant

I’m Luana Oliva, Teaching Assistant in Sunflowers 2, and I’m a Brazilian expat. After living in the United States, I returned to Brazil and began my career as a teacher providing private English lessons to a variety of age groups.

I moved to Dubai in 2013 after graduating from university and started working in the aviation industry.

In 2020, I decided to resume my teaching career, this time with the little ones and I am currently completing the Cache Level 3 certification programme in Early Years Education. I am delighted to be part of the Little Land family and I believe that working with children in their early years is the most rewarding challenge because we are part of such an important stage of their development.  We are able to nurture and witness new accomplishments every day. In addition to working, I enjoy being outdoors camping, hiking and spending time with my rescue dog, Boston.

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Chetna Buxani

Senior Montessori Directress



Fatema Kachwala

Montessori Directress

Hi, my name is Fatema Kachwala, Montessorian Guide   in Sunflowers. I am a Montessorian, professional, caring and an organised teacher, with a passion for learning and known for creating an upbeat classroom environment. My dedication is to provide children with creative learning activities and adventure, designed to fulfil their potential for emotional, intellectual and physical growth. 


My focus is in the sunflowers class and just as sunflowers exhibit a unique trait called heliotropism, with which the bud of the sunflowers faces the sun. Id like to say the same with our sunflower children, we as guides provide an enriching environment for the children to grow in throughout the day. We create a suitable surroundings to be able to flourish towards the beautiful rays and build strongest roots. 


 From the days I first learnt to speak, teachers always had a resounding presence in my life, behaviour and choices. They inspired me to become the confident and successful woman I am today. I want to ensure that the children in my care have the same positive experiences and I firmly believe that every child is entitled to an enriching education, respect and professionalism. With creativity and positive energy as my goals, I enjoy motivating children to ascertain their inner strength, abilities and encourage activities that truly foster confidence to reach their full potential.

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